Acs™  Pressure Gauges are of two types Dry and Oil Filled. The Acs™  Pressure Gauges are Produced with a range from 0 to 500 Psi

Acs™ Thermometers are made for Industrial Uses. The Acs™  Thermometers  are used to
Measure the temperature of a range from
-30°C to +50°C

Flexible Hoses  are made with two types named  as  GI Union End and  GI Flanged End The Acs™  Flexible Hoses are Manufactured within a range from  ¾"  to 6"

Acs™ Expansion Joints are made of  three different  types named as One Ball Flexible Connector,
Two Ball Flexible Connector and Stainless Steel Bellows Flexible Joint Manufactured with different ranges

ACS™ Grinding Disc Made of Aluminium oxide with metal ring. It performing faster grinding  gives a longer life in abrasives machining.

ACS™ Cutting Disc Made of Aluminium oxide with metal ring. It performing faster
cutting  gives a longer life in abrasives machining.
ACS™ Quality Cotton Gloves Offer protection and comforting care for the sensitive skin on your hands. Also it forms a protective barrier between the environment and sensitive skin, they protect our garments and belongings.
ACSTM Masking Tape is a type of pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure sensitive adhesive.

ACSTM  Aluminium Tape is a self-adhesive & 50 micron thick aluminium foil is coated one side with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The tape is backed with a strong polyethylene laminated paper coated with silicone.

ACSTM  Cotton Twine is White in Color with Black Plastic Spool
ACSTM Welding Electrode  Provides guaranteed performance and delivers superior quality for general purpose welding electrodes, TIG & MIG wires, stainless steel electrodes, fluxes, and electrode and flux ovens to meet your welding needs at lower cost.
ACSTM Reciprocating Saw Blade Provides industry-leading cutting performance for professional tradesman. It delivers precision-ground teeth and thick blades for high performance in wood and metal cutting.
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